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Imitation Jewellery

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Hello, beautiful princess out there! Am happy that you visited my page. We are here to share with you amazing collections of imitation jewelry to cherish you and your special moment more.

Dazzle Trinket Jewels is a one-stop for all your collections and needs. First! Let's know about Imitation jewels.

Imitation jewelry is nothing but fashion jewelry made from brass, copper, and other base metals. Researchers found that 86% of people love to wear imitation jewelry. since it's reasonable and affordable people are willing to try it. They are worn as a replacement for Gold. They are easy to manufacture. It is specially worn for personal adornment.

Imitation looks give everyone a traditional look despite our religion and function. It helps us to feel more confident and show our immense beauty to the world. We deserve to be shown who we are. We deserve to be happy and beautiful. So wearing this kind of jewels enhances our beauty. It tells us how to celebrate ourselves.

How is imitation Jewelry made?

The imitation jewelry is made of

  • Lead, Copper, Cadmium, and re-enacted stones.

  • Brass with silver plated

  • silver with gold plated.

  • minimal expense metals like metal, nickel

Purposes of Imitation Jewelry:

Fashion Jewelry / Imitation Jewelry has continuously received love and attention from Indian women for centuries. As they say, jewelry is a women’s best friend, no matter what type it is. And with time, there has been a massive surge in adorning different types of imitation jewelry. All thanks to their affordability, easy usage, and huge variety. Today we have them in improved modern design infused with the latest technology, making the demand for different types of imitation jewelry increase multiple times. They go very well with your apparel on any occasion. Whether you are looking for artificial jewelry for weddings, engagements, birthday parties, traditional outings, or cultural festivals, it goes well with almost all of them.

Types of Imitation Jewelry

  1. Bead Jewelry:

This kind of high-quality jewelry is made of Semiprecious Polished Cyan Mona Lisa, hand-painted Rajasthani barrel beads, Onyx beads, and black beads. Each bead is polished so that the shapes, sizes, and colors of stones are enhanced and give a shiny look. The multi-layered bead jewelry is very famous, which comes with an antique Finish with Stones Studded. Various types include,

  • Kashmiri beads

  • Maruti beads

  • Lac beads

  • Rudraksha beads

  • Black beads

  • Meena Kari beads

  • Tribal beads

2. Temple Jewelry :

Another style that has always been in the trend is “Temple Jewellery”. Temple jewelry, deity or nakshi jewelry, and bridal jewelry are distinct categories of Indian jewelry. Temple jewelry was once used to ornament the idols of Indian deities, gods, and goddesses, as the name suggests.

Be it a pair of earrings engraved with the figures of Gods and Goddesses or a necklace adorned with simple temple motifs – we’ve been obsessed with this trend right from the start. After all, temple jewelry makes for a significant part of any Indian woman’s jewelry collection. Goddess Lakshmi and other female deities are the most commonly used motifs. Receptions, weddings, anniversaries, dinners, or poojas – temple jewelry is perfect to be adorned on any festive or wedding occasion. This is why this style has always been able to make it to the top 10 famous types of jewelry in India.

So, stop thinking and add this gorgeous style to your collection (if you haven’t already).

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